Jack and Amanda were seeking something to spice up their sex life. They got so bored with each other the thought of regular sex was disgusting.On their way to newer pleasures they got into an XXX video store and got into one of the booths planning to go naughty right in there. To their surprise, the booth got a glory hole in it. To even bigger surprise, this glory hole was full of cock, and a hot TS babe was standing beneath the wall. Both Jack and... read more >>>
Sex With A Total Stranger
The horny girls met in the sex shop as total strangers needing a good fuck. As they returned to the home of the dominant woman, she bound her new slavegirl with the new handcuffs she just purchased. One swift crack on the ass later and her wet pussy was ready to be penetrated. The girl was surprised to see her new lover had a rock hard cock ready to impale her from behind, as the shemale entered her body nice and hard she screamed at the sensation... read more >>>
Locked and Loaded
Handcuffs? If I was thinking with my upper brain, I might have thought twice but I was thinking with my lower brain so, sure! Naked, I knelt on the bed and she handcuff my hands to the headboard. Not sure what I was expecting but it sure wasn't the hard eight-inch dildo she shoved up my virgin ass! WTF! I wiggled and complained but there was no way to escape from the brutal assault. "Step one," she cooed. "Need to get you nice and... read more >>>
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