In The Magical Forest
Traveling in the magical forest can be dangerous, so Essie and the Cat Girl decided to hire a swordswoman to protect them on their trip. The journey was long and hard and when they reached a stream, they took a swim to cool off. Turned on by the sight of the half-naked women, the swordswoman attempted to finger fuck Essie but was shocked to discover a huge dick inside her panties! She dropped to her knees ... read more >>>
No Pain No Gain
Sometimes the game gets a little rough so Trini wasn't surprised when Lana hit the ground moaning in pain. She ran to help her best friend and got a bit more than she bargained for! Was that a bulge under Lana's shorts? Sure enough, lovely Lana was hiding a meaty boner and not very well! For a moment Trini was stunned and then she did what any good friend would do, she swallowed that cock whole. Nothing like a blowjob... read more >>>
It was embarrassing shopping for women's lingerie but his wife had been clear. She wanted silk stockings for her birthday. The sales girl, an auburn-haired beauty, offered to model several styles for him in the dressing room and it turned out that Victoria had a secret. "She" was a "he" or rather he - she was both! He watched, fascinated as she rolled the band of the stockings right up past the bobbing tip of her cock. Pure silk that... read more >>>
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