Shemale Ice Cream
If you've got a taste for something smooth and creamy, why not stop by the Old Fashioned Creamery for a late night treat. We've got 51 flavors of ice cream and a special topping that you pump yourself. That's right. Each table is equipped with its own personal shemale cream dispenser. Grab hold of that fresh cock and pump a sweet load of delicious creamy cum into that cone or squeeze out a little extra for that double... read more >>>
Busted In The Park
The two beautiful shemales were doing the deed in the park when all of a sudden they felt a flashlight shining on them. The cop had busted them in action. So they quickly pulled him into the bushes and begun to seduce the man. They disrobed him and got him down on his knees while he sucked cock in one end and got fucked in the other. One of the ladyboys even penetrated his hot asshole with his own flashlight before... read more >>>
Go to the Head of the Class
Professor Lamas was notoriously unforgiving when it came to students who turned in their work late, but Pamela had no choice. It was half her grade and she needed that A to pass. "I don't have an excuse," she said, "but I have these." She ripped open her blouse and offered him her huge tits. Good enough for a C maybe, but if she wanted an A. . . Intent on finger fucking her, he pulled off her panties and found a throbbing... read more >>>
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