The Start of Something New
Married. It was hard to believe that we were finally man and wife. Nico had never let me get further than fondling her breasts so I could hardly wait for our honeymoon to begin. Imagine my surprise when my wife came to me wearing only stockings and sporting a hard-on three times the size of mine! She grabbed me by the hair and put her cock into my mouth. I'd never given a blowjob before but I guess I was doing... read more >>>
Scotch On The Rocks
She was standing there nearly naked at the base of a tree, a sweet, shy fairylike girl. She led the Scottsman back to her cave and offered him a sweet milky drink to quench his thirst. But after one sip he fell into a deep sleep. When he awoke, his wrists were bound and his kilt was bunched up on his back. He felt the warmth of her body pressing against his raised ass and then something more disturbing! A thick cock pressing... read more >>>
Schoolgirl Caught Masturbating
The schoolgirl was in her sexual education class when she got really horny. So the teen started rubbing her own pussy thinking thoughts of being penetrated by a big dick. Just then her teacher came in and caught her playing with herself. She was embarrassed but then the teacher convinced her to spread her legs and accept the tranny's big dick. The shemale fucked the teen good and hard on top of her desk until she came... read more >>>
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