Merry Christmas!
Dear Santa!
I've been an awfully good tranny this year and I have only one request. All I want for Christmas is YOU. You, Santa. I just want to shove my North Pole so far up your ass that Rudolph with his red nose won't be able to find it. Imagine me banging you under the tree with the lights twinkling and the elves watching. And it really will be a winter... read more >>>
T-Girl Spy
The clock was ticking. She had to get the secrets out of him before sundown or they'd all be doomed. Not a problem, thanks to the boys at the lab. One little pill and not only does her cock grow to an enormous size but it also laces her cum with truth serum! She strips him naked and ties him to a table in the old warehouse. As she fucks his ass, she asks him question after question and once she cums inside of him he tells all! A job... read more >>>
The Crazy Dream
Board meeting, financials have to be finished by five, the wife's on the phone asking when I'll be home because the kids are sick and she's got nothing in the house for dinner. Well, dinner's going to be late, honey because I've got a stop to make first. A slight detour down the filthiest street in town, a buffet line of dirty tranny whores and then over to that hotel that's so rundown it doesn't even have a sign. Once I've got that filthy whore bent ... read more >>>
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